IBEC 3 – Evaluation of Connected Automated Driving

Date and hour: Thursday 8 October 2015 at 13:30 – 15:00

Venue: Palais des Congrès – Room E1 & E2
Organiser: Alan Stevens, Transport Research Laboratory, UK   astevens@trl.co.uk

Moderator: Richard Harris, Xerox, UK


Reinhard Pfliegl, Austrian Agency for Alternative Propulsion Systems, Austria

Marcia Pincus, US DOT, United States of America

Tobias Strauss, KIT Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, Germany

Pirkko, Rämä, VTT, Finland

Andrew Somers, Transoptim, Australia


Session Description

Highly or fully automated cars and trucks raise new questions about evaluating benefits and costs. They promise to: (i) improve traffic safety by reducing driver workload and minimizing human errors due to driver distraction or reduced vigilance; (ii) increase mobility through reduction of congestion (iii) reduce vehicle emissions and fuel consumption; and (iv) provide individual, organizational and commercial productivity improvements. But to what extent, are these benefits likely to be realized? How will drivers actually behave and react? What happens when there is a crash — are occasional tragedies something we can factor in to the benefits and costs calculations? What new metrics and performance measures do we need to consider in deployment? The session will focus on the challenge of evaluating these potential benefits and costs, with illustrative evaluation studies. What impact will result to road infrastructure? Less cost for operation and installation of electronic/communication equipment or improved cost (installation/operation)?



Policy-makers and funders of vehicle automation trials

Engineers involved in practical evaluation

Session Output:

Summary in IBEC newsletter

Invitation to audience to join IBEC (for free) and access evaluation material