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About IBEC

The International Benefits Evaluation Society (IBEC) is  set up to coordinate and expand international efforts, to exchange information and techniques, and evaluate benefits and costs of ITS. IBEC brings together the best knowledge and experience and is the focal point for discussion and debate of interest to the international ITS evaluation community. IBEC encourages more effective use of ITS evaluation information so that decision-makers can make more informed ITS investments.


IBEC has been formed to achieve five objectives across the World:

  • Promote the benefits of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) based on robust evaluation results
  • Promote the importance and relevance of professional evaluation and the added value of international cooperation
  • Promote the development and application of consistent and reliable evaluation methodologies and tools for ITS products and services
  • Provide information to transportation professionals, decision-makers, and the general public on the measured costs and benefits of ITS deployment
  • Share information regarding non-technical and institutional issues and lessons learned based on ITS evaluation

IBEC Activities

IBEC sponsors workshops and other events in which ITS evaluation experts meet to discuss ideas and experiences. At the 2002 ITS World Congress in Chicago, USA, four successful and well-attended sessions were co-organized by ITS America and the European Commission project ATLANTIC. At the ITS World Congresses in Madrid, Spain in 2003; Nagoya, Japan in 2004; San Francisco, USA in 2005; London, U.K. in 2006; Beijing, China in 2007; New York, USA in 2008 and Stockholm, Sweden in 2009, IBEC organised equally successful series of sessions. IBEC is continuing to build on this progress by providing a means of interaction for the international ITS evaluation community both at and between ITS World Congresses. In 2005, IBEC organized integrated sessions and all-day workshops in conjunction with the ITS in Europe conference in Hannover, Germany and the Euro-Regional Projects conference in Dublin, Ireland. In 2006 and early 2007, IBEC was involved in in-house training at the World Bank in Washington, D.C., USA; the ITS Canada Annual Meeting in Whistler, Canada; a World Bank seminar in Beijing, China; the ITS Asia-Pacific Forum in Hong Kong; the PIARC Committee C.14 seminar on network operations in Kuala Lumpur; the Pan America ITS Congress in Santiago, Chile and the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., USA. The 2009 ITS World Congress in Stockholm included 3 Special Sessions on urban transport and an all-day symposium on road pricing..

Benefits of IBEC

Members can benefit from the growing library on the IBEC website, newsletters, and e-mail messages informing members of ITS evaluation issues and upcoming events. If you have suggestions for additional activities, please contact us.

Get Involved

IBEC has an open membership and intends to serve a wide range of ITS professionals, including planners, researchers, and suppliers of ITS systems and services, as well as decision-makers and the general public.

Join IBEC for:

  • Information and advice
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  • Contact with ITS experts from around the world
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